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Teachers – Jaun van Deventer

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Jaun van Deventer

Yoga Instructor

Meet Jaun Van Deventer

I discovered yoga in 2014. I attended my first yoga class without knowing the instructor on that day will become my teacher and mentor 6 years later, in 2020, when I did my 200HR YTT. On my yoga journey I also discovered my love for pole fitness and aerial hoop. I have been an instructor of the aerial arts since 2017, and competed on a professional level since 2018. Together with my duet partner, we won our national championship in aerial hoop in 2019, where we qualified for world championships. We attended world championships in Montreal, Canada, in 2019 where we won gold and set the world record. 2019 was also the year when I was officially diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). With time I discovered the benefits Yoga had for me living on the spectrum, and was the biggest contributing factor to do my teacher training, in the hopes to help others on the spectrum, living with anxiety and/or sensory disorders. Through yoga, breathwork and meditation, I am able to focus on a much deeper level, calm myself in situations that cause anxiety and bring my awareness within when I am overwhelmed by external factors. I have an intuitive and creative style of teaching, mainly guided by breath.

Teaching qualification: 

  • 200HR YTT with Mzansi School of Yoga
  • 12HR Yin Yoga with Anjali Yoga
  • 30HR Aerial Yoga with Hohm Yoga
  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Various massage courses
  • In-studio Pole Dance instructor course

Teaching disciplines:

  • Vinyasa
  • Aerial
  • Yin

Passions and favourite places to be when not teaching: 

I find solace in nature. Forests and water are my places of healing and recharging. I have been vegan since 2017 with a deep love for animals.