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Teachers – Roxanne

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Roxanne Freddie

Yoga Instructor
I was 25 when I started yoga. My first class was a bikram class. I felt like a part of me died during my first class and a new part of me was reborn.  Ever since then I was hooked.
At first I struggled to get to my mat everyday,  but each and everytime I arrived,  I noticed more and more changes to my mind, my body and my soul.
I struggled and still do struggle with crippling anxiety and yoga was my saving grace!  Where I could feel more, think less, and explored parts of me that I didn’t even know existed, tranforming me into a better,  healthy, stronger version of myself. I then decided to do my teacher training so that I could hold a space for men and woman alike to experience all the benefits of yoga in their minds, bodies and their souls because theworldneedsmoreyoga !!! Somedays I feel like a goddess,  somedays a wild child, and some days a fragile mess.  But most days I am abit of all three. But everyday I am here on my mat trying…. I sometimes wish I had started yoga as a child and can only imagine how it would have transformed my life as an adolescent girl growing into womanhood.

Teaching qualification: 

  • 200HR Teacher Training with Yo Yoga in 2017

Teaching disciplines:

  • Vinyasa
  • Hot 26/ Bikram
  • Yin

Passions and favourite places to be when not teaching: 

I love plants, even more than that i love buying plants. During the winter months I can be quite a crab (I’m a Cancerian) but in summer I’m living my best life in both Cape Town on the beaches, in the sun, eating good food with good company. Who needs more!!!